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Neat Desk

About Us

We are a bunch of people who are passionate about entrepreneurship with a constant drive to convert innovative ideas into successful businesses.


Our mission is to build scalable tech products with innovative solutions to solve real-world business problems which can create a huge impact.

Our Services

viCTOs (Virtual CTO-as-a-Service) is the tech consulting vertical of 32Crayons which supports organizations struggling to build/adopt the technology due to various constraints and accelerate their business growth. Our strength lies in developing a deep understanding of the client’s requirements so as to create customized solutions as per business priorities.

Our Services

Our Products


A website to guide you in making your next purchase for your loved one or for yourself.


Our offering provides self intuitive planner with holiday calendars for many organizations.


Our Clients

1Bridge is an assisted purchase platform catering to rural customers. Offers a platform enabling rural customers to order products online.

Zvatra is an all natural Peanut Butter brand homebrewed in namma Bengaluru.

Quinbay focuses on their passion for digital innovation globally. 

They strive to be a platform that inspires youth to become action based citizen champions called Solve Ninjas


 We would like to thank RK from 32Crayons for all the help in envisioning the technology and human resources needs at Antibrnd. RK was great at breaking down tasks and monitoring the progress. We are grateful for his mentoring and continued support.

 We would like to thank 32crayons for bringing a new perspective and innovation to our product. Their approach was remarkable in solving the problems of our end users. Overall it was a positive and unsurpassed learning experience.

 32crayons helped our company with high-level strategy and goal setting. Their advice helped us chart and work towards monthly targets in a focused manner. They also mentored me in my personal journey as a CEO of a sustainable Foods and Beverages startup.

​ Karthik B

Derrick Vijayan
Senior Product Manager

 Able Sunny

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